I bought these for my friends children in Manly and the parents love FLIPTEZ® as much as the children. Well done!1 Its great to see children being creative.

Mandy from the Sydney Business Women’s Expo at Parramatta.



Thank you so much for introducing my children to EzyShaid colours.  My 8 year old Joshua has my house looking like an art gallery...we just love it. My 11 year old who is now in Year 5 – Jasmine – has her projects down to a fine art. She received an A for her last assessment because she was told her detail with her colours was absolutely wonderful...so thank you it is one happy house hold at the moment. I have also presented the fund raiser flier at our parent representative meeting at school.  

Once again thank you...By the way I don’t mind having a go of them myself but don’t tell the kids that.


Regards Simone




Children from Wollongong Primary School Fete.


“That’s fantastic”


“Cool! I had no idea there was such a fantastic product about.”


“ I have to bring the teachers over to see these!” The teachers came and bought!


“Where can I get them? Who sells them? I don’t have the money today, but I sure will save my pocket money for these.”


    Fantastic product....great for big kids and small. Mine just love shading their pictures and making designs of their own. Can't wait to use it with water.
[ Kate ]
  Everything absolutely perfect! Thank you. My little girl Gracie was speechless for a few moments and then said "You got them for me.. thank you, your'e the best, thank you so much!"  Gracie will love to submit some art work, she loves the bonus purple pack too.  Thank you for the fast delivery.
[ Debbie ]


Been using these to help do my folio work for uni, very happy with the results so far as it is quick, easy to use and economic in the amount of pencils I go through.

[ Kaila ]

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