Title of Artwork: Easter Bouquet
Artist: Sharon Bull
Print version: Yes [ Click to download lesson in PDF format ]
Lesson video: No
Age Appropriate: 8+
Materials required:

Easter is all about Jesus Christ and His gift of eternal Life for everyone!

Celebrate this exciting news with your family and friends by creating this beautiful Easter Bouquet.

Step 1: Materials

EzyShaid Starter Pack or Theme Packs, EzyShaid Shimmer, Small Flower Template (see Shading Pages), Watercolour Paper, Spray-adhesive, Tissue Paper, Scissors, Pencil, Glue, Glue Gun, Double-sided tape, Bamboo Skewers, Pipe Cleaners, Cellophane, Recycled Tin, Florist Foam, Ribbon, Easter Eggs. Or purchase the Easter Bouquet Kit- 10 pre-cut small flowers, 20 tissue circles, EzyShaid Shimmer,10 Jewels.

Stems 1
Step 2: Stems 1

Start by mixing green paint for your bamboo skewers. They will become your flowers stems. Tip, 3 tips of  light green FLIPTEZ from your Stater Pack into a Blending Pot.

Step 3: Atomiser

Spray the Light Green Fliptez with water from the EzyShaid atomiser. About 3 sprays should do.

Step 4: Mix

Mix the water and FLIPTEZ together with your EzyShaid Paint brush to make paint.

Step 5: Paint

Paint the bamboo skewers on one side and allow to dry.

Paint 2
Step 6: Paint 2

Once the first side of your skewers are dry ( about 5 minutes) turn them over and paint the other side.

Download and trace or Buy
Step 7: Download and trace or Buy

Download the small flower template from shading pages. Cut it out and then trace around it 5 times on watercolour paper. Alternatively buy the Easter Bouquet kit which comes with 10 pre-cut small flowers.

Individual flowers
Step 8: Individual flowers

Imagination! Use your creative gift to colour your flowers! We have used purples and hot pink to make this flower. Experiment with your own colour choices. Green, aqua, blue and yellow also look great! For this flower tip purple at the apex of each petal.

Purple #1
Step 9: Purple #1

Use your applicator to apply the Purple FLIPTEZ to the outside edge of the flower petals.

Step 10: Pink

Apply the hot pink FLIPTEZ from the Princess Theme Pack to the inner edge of the Purple FLIPTEZ.

Purple #2
Step 11: Purple #2

Use the same purple or choose another purple from the Royal Purple Theme Pack. Apply this purple to the inside edge of the hot pink FLIPTEZ using your applicator or finger.

Step 12: Mix

Use you applicator to mix the left over pink and purple FLIPTEZ to colour the centre of your flower.

Optional, Adding EzyShaid Simmer
Step 13: Optional, Adding EzyShaid Simmer

To add sparkle lightly spray your flower with self-adhesive. Available in our online store.  www.ezyshaid.com/store/index.php

EzyShaid Shimmer
Step 14: EzyShaid Shimmer

Lightly dust your flower with EzyShaid Shimmer and allow to dry for a few minutes.

Step 15: Glue

Apply a dab of glue to the centre of your flower.

Hot pink Tissue
Step 16: Hot pink Tissue

Cut circles (10cm diameter) of hot pink tissue paper or buy the Easter Bouquet kit online, the tissue circles come pre-cut.  Stick the tissue circle to the flower.

Purple tissue
Step 17: Purple tissue

Apply glue to the centre of the hot pink tissue paper circle. Stick the dark purple tissue circle to the hot pink tissue circle.

Pale pink tissue
Step 18: Pale pink tissue

Apply glue to the dark purple tissue and glue down the pale pink tissue circle. Gather all the tissue circles and scrunch it up to the centre of the flower.

Double-sided tape
Step 19: Double-sided tape

Apply double-sided tape to a foil covered Easter egg.

Easter Egg
Step 20: Easter Egg

Remove the backing form the double sided tape and stick you Easter Egg into the centre of the pale pink tissue.

Stem #1
Step 21: Stem #1

Apply a dab of glue to the end of a green pipe cleaner. Press the blunt end of your painted skewer onto the pipe cleaner. Twirl the pipe cleaner once and press together. Glue guns are very hot be careful of your fingers, an adult should be present or help. Alternatively use blu tack.

Stem #2
Step 22: Stem #2

Cut the pipe cleaner about 2cm from the first twirl. Twirl the remaining 2cm to create a snail shape.

Stem #3
Step 23: Stem #3

Apply either double-sided tape or hot glue to the pipe cleaner snail.

Stem #4
Step 24: Stem #4

Stick your stem to your flower. Hold in place for a few moments to allow glue to dry.

Optional Cupped Flower
Step 25: Optional Cupped Flower

Your choice. Leave your flower flat or cup your flower. The bouquet looks great with a mixture of flat and cupped flowers. Snip the apex of each flower petal, about 5mm.

Step 26: Glue

Apply glue to the left hand side of each snipped flower petal, on the underside of the flower.

Press and hold
Step 27: Press and hold

Take the right hand side of the snipped flower petal and press onto the glued left hand side of the flower petal. Hold for a few moments until the glue sets.

Step 28: Brilliant!

Your finished flower!

Quick Flowers
Step 29: Quick Flowers

For quick flowers sprinkle your choice of FLIPTEZ colours onto an A3 sheet of watercolour paper. We used hot pink and 2 purples. Rub the FLIPTEZ into your paper in a swirling pattern. Trace your flowers to fill the sheet and them cut out. Add shimmer to the flowers. Cup them or leave them flat.

Step 30: Recycle

Recycle tins e.g from tinned tomatoes. Wash and dry them. The tin will become your vase. Be careful of sharp edges, you may prefer to buy a vase or pot. See Creative garden flower pot.

Florist foam
Step 31: Florist foam

Push your tin into a piece of florist foam. An adult may need to help you with this.

Step 32: Arrange

Push your flowers into the florist foam. We used 5 flowers for each bouquet. Lay a piece of cellophane and then tissue onto a flat surface. Place your tin into the centre of the tissue. Pull the layers of cellophane and tissue around your tin and tie together with a pretty piece of ribbon.

Happy Easter
Step 33: Happy Easter

Wish someone special a Happy Easter and give them a wonderful homemade gift!

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