Title of Artwork: Circles Wall decoration
Artist: Janette Thomas
Print version: Yes
Lesson video: No
Age Appropriate: 6+
Materials required:
  1. Sufficient art or photo copy paper for the size of the mural you want to make.
  2. Long roll of black paper, (We used gift paper and joined it)
  3. FLIPTEZ Starter Pack and Theme Packs.
  4. Circle template. (Teacher or therapist can pre-prepare these based on a bread and butter plate, saucer or larger plate if desired.
  5. Versa Marker pen.
  6. Scissors.
  7. Paste or glue.
  8. Ruler.
  9. Versa Mark Stamp Pad.
  10. Stamp of choice.
Colour circles
Step 1: Colour circles
  1. Allow children or clientsto choose the colours they wish to use.  They may want to incorporate a number of colours.eg blue and green, or red and yellow.
  2. Encourage a variety of designs.
  3. Some may wish to simply colour in one colour and then cut out their cirlce.
  4.  Others should be encouraged to use the ruler and the applicator and draw lines across the paper using the width of the applicator to keep the lines equally spaced.
  5. Another group could use the Versa Marker pen to draw lines and designs and then colour over them with maybe one or two colours.
  6. Yet another group could sprinkle FLIPTEZ on to their circle and colour with two fingers using only one colour and leaving a fair amount of the page white for a clean contrast.
  7. If you have the Versa Mark Stamp Pad and an appropriate stamp, stamp all over the cirlce and then add colour.
  8. When all cirlces are finished and cut out, begin arranging them over the black background paper. We made ours six cirlces deep. Make sure all circles are touching.
  9. It is easier to put the black paper on a long bench or as we did, on the floor and arrange the cirlces in a variety of patterns before glueing. Swap them around until you achieve the desired result for your bedroom, recreation or classroom.
  10. We took ours to Officeworks and had it laminated to ensure longevity and to make it easier to hang. To affix to the wall, we used velcro. Use what is appropriate for your surface.
  11. Enjoy your mural and well done!
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