Title of Artwork: Indigenous Mural.
Artist: Sharon Bull and Rick Roser
Print version: Yes
Lesson video: No
Age Appropriate: 5+
Materials required:
  1. A3 Sheets of art paper joined to make mural as long as you choose.This mural is 3mx1.2m.
  2. Double sided tape.
  4. Daubers.
  5. FLIPTEZ made into water colours of your choice.
  6. Scissors.
  7. Glue.
  8. Pencil.
  9. Cotton Buds.
  10. Blending Pots.
  11. Atomisers with water in them.
Draw and Colour Mural.
Step 1: Draw and Colour Mural.
  1. Draw mural onto large piece of joined paper.
  2. Draw the separate animals on individual pages.
  3. Our mural is based on pages from,'The Brave Ant' by Rick Roser.
  4. If you would like to do a smaller mural it would be worthwhile purchasing Rick's book online.
  5. Our mural was completed by 750 children aged 4-12 over a three day period.
  6. As most of it is shaded in, the mural was placed on large tables and up to 30 children were working on it at one time. They only stayed for 30 minutes
  7. The daubed dots were made using daubers dipped into blending pots of FLIPTEZ water colour. Usually a dip into the paint yielded 4 dots.
  8. The smaller dots were used by dipping a cotton bud into the paint.
  9. For the leaf tracery, a cotton bud was teased out and the wisp of cotton dipped into the paint and applied.
  10. Once the mural was dry it was hung and framed in dark blue satin ribbon.
  11. The additional animals which either appaered to be walking into or out of the mural were added last.
  12. It was the most photographed artwork at the Melbourne Art Show 2011.
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