Title of Artwork: Butterfly frame
Artist: Sharon Bull
Print version: Yes
Lesson video: No
Age Appropriate: 7
Materials required:
  • Butterfly Image. Print off from the "Downloads" page
  • Pencil
  • Paper
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Photo
  Step 1: Down load image

Download the image of the butterfly from the "Downloads" page.

Trace Butterfly image
Step 2: Trace Butterfly image

Place the print out of the butterfly onto a piece of paper. Pressing firmly trace over the butterfly. There will be an imprint of the butterfly on the piece of paper underneath the one you traced over. Repeat this so you now have 2 butterflies.

Cut out
Step 3: Cut out

Cut out both the butterfly images using scissors. Ask an adult to help you if you find this step tricky.

Step 4: Using FLIPTEZ

Chose your favourite FLIPTEZ® colour. We are using pink. FLIP the lid. TIP the FLIPTEZ® bottle. One tip is all you need to start add more if neccessary. ZIP the FLIPTEZ® over your butterfly using your finger. 

Layering FLIPTEZ
Step 5: Layering FLIPTEZ

With FLIPTEZ® you are able to layer colours. We have added yellow over the top of the pink to created beautiful shaded effects on the wings of the butterfly. See "Studio" on the menu bar of the home page and click on "How to Use" for more details.

Colour both butterflies
Step 6: Colour both butterflies

Use your FLIPTEZ® to colour both butterflies front and back. We have used pink and yellow. Green and blue also looks great and so does purple and pink. Have some fun and experiment with different FLIPTEZ® colours

Step 7: Glue

Run some glue down the body of one butterfly. Be careful to leave the heads of the butterfly unglued. Repeat this on the body of your second butterfly. Press the glued bodies together, hold firmly for a few moments. Use your fingers to gently pull the wings outward from the butterfly's body. Repeat this step with all 4 wings.

Find your favourite photo
Step 8: Find your favourite photo

Your beautiful butterfly is ready to hold a photo. Place your photo so it sits in between the butterfly's unglued heads. Once you have the right placement add a dab of glue to the inside of both butterfly heads.  Place your photo back in between the heads of the butterfly hold firmly for a few moments. Your butterfly photo holder is ready to adorn your room or give it  as a precious gift for someone special!

String of butterflies
Step 9: String of butterflies
  • Make multiple copies of the butterfly in various sizes.
  • Colour with FLIPTEZ®.
  • Glue the same sized butterflies in descending size onto a piece of ribbon.
  • Perfect for decorating your bedroom or to make a party extra special!
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