Title of Artwork: Gift Bags and Matching Card
Artist: Janette Thomas based on Carolin Chapman's
Print version: Yes
Lesson video: No
Age Appropriate: 6+
Materials required:
  1. White paper bag and white card from $shop. (Could also make your own from photo copy paper).
  2. FLIPTEZ Starter Pack.
  3. Atomiser with water.
  4. Paint brush.
  5. Blending pots or containers to mix colours.
  6. Ribbon for bag if making your own
  7. Glue or staples.
Mixing Paints and Finishing Bag and Card
Step 1: Mixing Paints and Finishing Bag and Card
  1. Take 5 blending pots.
  2. Tip a little dark blue in one, dark green in another, purple in another and if you choose white in another. The 5th one is to wash your brush, so add just water to it.
  3. Spray each pot of powder with water from the atomiser.
  4. Mix with the end of paint brush until all the powder is dissolved, making sure to wipe the end of the paint brush with a tissue before placing into the new colour.
  5. Cover your work area with newspaper.
  6. Place the white bag onto the paper.
  7. Examine our bag carefully and count how many daubs of blue we have.Daub with blue to correspond to our,s making sure you go only around the outside of the shape. (The centre needs to be plain to apply the purple.)
  8. By the time you have finished the bottom or last blue area, the top ones will be dry.
  9. Wash the paint brush and squeeze dry. Dip into purple paint (only a little paint) and apply near and slightly over the blue. Leave some sections white to make the contrast.
  10. Repeat the process of rinsing the brush. Dip into dark green paint and copy our foliage lines or make up your own.
  11. Allow to dry. (This will not take long if you have used only a little paint)
  12. If there is not enough contrast in your work, wash brush and dip into white paint. Aplly lightly over flowers to make contrast.
  13. When completely dry add ribbon for handles by either gluing them or stapling them in place.Most $ shop white bags have handles.
  14. Repeat this process for the matching card. 
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