Title of Artwork: Pop-Up Card
Artist: Robert Sabuda
Print version: Yes
Lesson video: No
Age Appropriate: 7+
Materials required:
  1. Download both pages of Pop-Up card templates.
  2. Craft paper of choice .
  3.  Plain white card and envelope.(Or you could use craft paper for this too).
  4. Download pictures for front of card either form our selection of six images in the,'Downloads' section or from, 'google images'.
  5. FLIPTEZ Starter pack.
  6. Scissors.
  7. Glue stick.
  8. Pencil.
  9. Blending pots.
  10. ZIP brush.
Assemble Materials
Step 1: Assemble Materials
  1. Place covering on work area and assemble materials.
  2. For really excellent instructions for this card, visit Robert Sabuda's website and search for Pop-Up cards, Mothers' Day.(He has a huge selection of free downloads of templates for Pop-Up Cards. They all work well with FLIPTEZ.)
Glue Picture
Step 2: Glue Picture
  1. On the front of the card, glue the picture of your choice. Put aside to dry.
Cut Out Templates and Inserts.
Step 3: Cut Out Templates and Inserts.
  1. Cut out templates and place over craft paper. Cut out.
Inside Template
Step 4: Inside Template
  1. The picture on the front should be dry now, so take the inside template and lightly trace over the leaves where the inserts will be glued. The impression left should be enough to guide you.
  2. Make sure you place the template exactly on the middle of the card. Line up the dotted line with the centre of the card.
Fold inserts
Step 5: Fold inserts
  1. This is a little tricky.Place the corresponding template over the inserts.Fold the leaves to the front of the insert. Note: This only applies to 2 of the inserts.
  2. On all 3 inserts fold the centre dotted line in half so the crease is pointing upwards. this facilitates the opening and closing of the card.
Colour and Glue
Step 6: Colour and Glue
  1. We used Pinks from the,' Princess Pack' and dark green from the Starter Pack to colour our flower.
  2. To achieve a delightful variation, try to follow the rules of nature and have the top of the flower a shade lighter than the next level, until the bottom level is the darkest.
  3. Glue the sections with leaves into place as shown.
Colour and Glue Middle Insert.
Step 7: Colour and Glue Middle Insert.
  1. Colour the middle insert.
  2. Push it right down between the glued sections.
  3. Glue the tiny tab into place to hold securely. (Remember if you are finding this a challenge to see Robert Sabuda's own website for instructions. We wanted to indicate how it could be coloured, as Robert leaves his work white).
Finish Card
Step 8: Finish Card
  1. When the pieces are glued into place, now is the time to write your greeting. We also decided to add a blush of purple around the outside edges of the card. It is very faint but provides a pretty finish.
  2. Enjoy your craft!
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