Title of Artwork: Pleated Butterfly Wand
Artist: Janette Thomas
Print version: Yes
Lesson video: No
Age Appropriate: 6+
Materials required:
  1. Two squares of craft paper, one square being 2cm smaller than the other.Our large square was 20cm x 20cm and the small one 18cmx18cm.
  2. FLIPTEZ, either the Starter Pack or a Theme Pack.
  3. 1x pipe cleaner.
  4. Shimmer.
  5. Adhesive spray.
  6. ZIP brush.
  7. Blending pots.
  8. Cane for wand.
Gather Materials.
Step 1: Gather Materials.
  1. Prepare work space and gather materials.
Colour The Squares
Step 2: Colour The Squares
  1. Choose your favourite FLIPTEZ colour and colour both squares.
Fold Squares
Step 3: Fold Squares
  1. Fold both squares in half diagonally.
Pleat Squares
Step 4: Pleat Squares
  1. Starting from the folded edge on both squares, pleat concertina style right across the triangles.
Align both halves.
Step 5: Align both halves.
  1. Align both halves of the butterfly with the short edges together.
Tie with Pipe Cleaner
Step 6: Tie with Pipe Cleaner
  1. Hold both pieces of the butterfly tightly and wrap pipe cleaner around them.
  2. Tie with twist.
  3. Cut off excess pipe cleaner making sure you have left enough for the antennae.
  4. Use pen or pencil to wrap the antennae around to get even effect.
Add Shimmer
Step 7: Add Shimmer
  1. To make a really sparkly butterfly, spray with adhesive and sprinkle with shimmer.
Attach Butterfly to Wand.
Step 8: Attach Butterfly to Wand.
  1. Use good craft glue to attach the butterfly to the wand.
Gather Materials. Jump to the top of the page Colour The Squares Fold Squares Pleat Squares Jump to the top of the page Align both halves. Tie with Pipe Cleaner Add Shimmer Jump to the top of the page Attach Butterfly to Wand.

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