Title of Artwork: Valentine's Day Table Settings & Flower
Artist: Janette Thomas
Print version: Yes
Lesson video: No
Age Appropriate: 5+
Materials required:
  1. 6xA3 sheets of paper (art paper or end of roll newspaper).
  2. 6x white paper napkins.
  3. Red FLIPTEZ from the Starter Pack.
  4. An atomiser or blending pots.
  5. Scissors.
  6. Glue stick.
  7. 1xSkewer
  8. 6 cm of yellow ribbon.Width 4mm
  9. 6x20cm of red ribbon. Width 5cm
  10. 1x enough green ribbon to cover skewer. Width as you choose.
  11. 2 sizes of heart template. (Suggest you use cookie template or the templatefrom the Download section.) We made one of our templates a little larger than the other.
  12. Paper to cover your work area.
  13. Using Banner font (Or if you like, hand write the word, 'sweetheart') size 100 copy 6 red with white outline. Use this same font only make it size 48 and run off another 6. Then again using this font, run off 6 size 32. Note. We copied and pasted and then reduced the size.
Gather materials.
Step 1: Gather materials.
  1. Prepare all materials.
Paint paper red
Step 2: Paint paper red
  1. For a subtle look just shade your white paper. (We used the end of roll newspaper.)
  2. As we wanted a very bright colour, the children made the red FLIPTEZ into finger paint in the Blending pots or used the atomiser with a little red FLIPTEZ powder and water and sprayed on the red paint.(Make sue to shake well before spraying.) We coloured an area picture poster  size for a set of six napkins, placemats and the flower.
  3. Put it in the sun to dry. Don't attempt  tracing the hearts until the paper is dry.
  Step 3: Tracing and cutting.
  1. Once the paper is dry, trace and cut 12 of the large hearts and 52 of the smaller hearts.
Step 4: Napkins
  1. Fold napkins as indicated.
  2. Using the medium sized font,'sweetheart', cut out six of them. Glue each one a little way down from the apex of the top triangle, making sure to leave enough room for the heart.
  3. Use 6 of the smaller hearts and glue each one onto a napkin at the very top.
  4. Cut 20cm of red ribbon and tie around each napkin.
Step 5: Placemats
  1. Cut out the 6 large,'sweethearts and the 6 small,'sweethearts' and glue onto placemats as indicated.
  2. Glue a large heart at both ends of each placemat.
  3. Now take 6 small hearts and affix them as  shown. The line should not be straight but have character.
  4. To finish your work, take the remaining 10 small hearts and glue them in pairs back to back so you end up with 5 hearts coloured red on both sides.
  5. Once dry, push them onto the skewer. Little hands may need help. These now make the petals for your single red rose.
  6. Cover the top of the skewer with the yellow ribbon, making sure you have applied glue to both the ribbon and the tiny top of the skewer.(Little hands may need help here too).
  7. Apply glue to the skewer under the petals and to the green ribbon. Wind the ribbon down the skewer and affix with glue at the end.
  8. Happy Valentine's Day everyone!
  9. Note. If you don't want to make the placemates, a table runner looks very effective too. The edge of red hearts always brings oohs and ahs!
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