Title of Artwork: Christmas Bunting
Artist: Janette Thomas
Print version: Yes
Lesson video: No
Age Appropriate: 4+
Materials required:
  1. A3 craft or photo copy paper.
  2. FLIPTEZ Starter Pack.
  3. 4 templates from the "Downloads" page.
  4. Ruler.
  5. ZIP brush.
  6. Blending Pots.
  7. Pencil or pen.
  8. Scissors.
  9. Ribbon.
  10. Shimmer.
  11. Spray Adhesive.
  12. Royal Purple, Under the Sea and the Jungle Theme Packs
Assemble Materials.
Step 1: Assemble Materials.
  1. Put down cover over work area and assemble materials.
  2. Cut out templates.
Colour paper Red
Step 2: Colour paper Red
  1. Using the red FLIPTEZ from the Starter Pack, cover,4, A3 Sheets of paper. Our students used the back of their balled fists to cover this large area.(Our instructiuons make over 10 metres of bunting, so colour less if a smaller length is required).
  2. Spray with adhesive and sprinkle shimmer. Put aside to dry.
Colour with Blue
Step 3: Colour with Blue
  1. Follow instructions as for red, except that we used,' blues' from the,' Under the Sea Pack' and only coloured 3, A3 sheets blue, for the stars.
  2. Shimmer as for red.
Colour Purple
Step 4: Colour Purple
  1. Colour, 3xA3 sheets of paper with a mix of purples from the, 'Royal Purple' Theme Pack or the purple from the Starter Pack.
  2. Shimmer as for the other colours.
Colour Red and Green Stripes
Step 5: Colour Red and Green Stripes
  1. Colour 3, A3 sheets of paper with alternate red and dark green from the Starter Pack. To achieve this look, we placed a ruler on the diagonal a little way down from the top left hand side and coloured, green for the stripe. We flipped the ruler over and then coloured red.This process was continued until the whole page was coloured. It is esier to use the applicator folded in half to colour stripes.
  2. Shimmer as for other colours.
Colour Green
Step 6: Colour Green
  1. Colour,3x3A sheets of paper with greens from the Starter Pack or the Jungle Theme Pack. We sprinkled the colours on the diagonal and shaded with the applicator to achieve the varigation.
  2. Shimmer as with the other colours.
Colour for Snowflakes
Step 7: Colour for Snowflakes
  1. The snowflakes just had to be stunning. To achieve the look as per the photo, a combination of blues and greens were used.
  2. Select the blues and greens for each stripe and then place the ruler on the diagonal,as far down the page as you want those colours to go. Colour.
  3. Repeat this process with diffrent blues and greens until you achieve your desired result.
  4. Shimmer.
Red and Yellow
Step 8: Red and Yellow
  1. Divide 2xA3 pages into 3 lengthwise and lightly rule a line.
  2. Use red FLIPTEZ to colour the top third, but keep the ruler just under the line to avoid the red going onto the yellow area. Brush with ZIP brush.
  3. Move ruler to just below the second line drawn. Apply yellow FLIPTEZ to the middle stripe.
  4. Put ruler on top of the 2nd line before adding the 3rd row, which is red again.Apply red colour.
  5. Shimmer.
Left over Colours
Step 9: Left over Colours
  1. Just 1 sheet of A3 paper was used to colour in 3 shades with left over FLIPTEZ. Colour in the same manner as for red and yellow. You will note in ours,  yellow, left over blues and greens and a mixture of red and yellow for the 3rd stripe.
  2. Shimmer.
Cut out bunting.
Step 10: Cut out bunting.
  1. We cut out the baubles from the purple, red triangular flags from the red, inverted ,'V' flags from the green, stars from the blue, snowflakes from the blues and greens, Christmas stockings from the green and red sripes and ginger breadmen from the red and yellow stripes and the left over colours.
Arrange Bunting
Step 11: Arrange Bunting
  1. We had a roll of 30 metres of ribbon 1.5 cm wide.
  2. We chose not to punch out the holes and thread the ribbon through because of the fineness of the stars, baubles and snowflakes. However, if you only made the larger pieces with the two hole, you could thread ribbon through the bunting.
  3. Our students stapled the pieces onto the ribbon, putting two staples into each piece. (Hence the top of the bauble is above the ribbon.
  4. This is a great home, classroom or therapy activity to make something pretty and easy to store.
  5. What a great present to take to your local hospital for ward decoration!
  6. Keep on crafting!
Assemble Materials. Jump to the top of the page Colour paper Red Colour with Blue Colour Purple Jump to the top of the page Colour Red and Green Stripes Colour Green Colour for Snowflakes Jump to the top of the page Red and Yellow Left over Colours Cut out bunting. Jump to the top of the page Arrange Bunting

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