Title of Artwork: Big Eyed Owls
Artist: Janette Thomas
Print version: Yes
Lesson video: No
Age Appropriate: 5+
Materials required:
  1. Favourite craft paper.
  2. Download owl template with disc eyes from the "Downloads" page.
  3. 4 Diiferent shades of tissue or any 4 different coloured papers.
  4. Blending Pots.
  5. ZIP brush.
  6. Glue.
  7. Scissors.
  8. FLIPTEZ black from Starter Pack and you could use the blues, greens and purple from the Starter Pack, but we have chosen 3 shades from the Under The Sea Theme Pack and 2 shades of purple from the , Royal Purple Pack.
Photo of Materials needed
Step 1: Photo of Materials needed
  1. Gather these materials before commencing craft, including downloading the Big Eyed Owl template
  2. Be sure to cover work area with sheet of newspaper.
Cutting Out
Step 2: Cutting Out
  1. Place the whole template onto your craft paper and cut out. This is the basis on which you will place the segmented parts.
  2. Cut out one eye. Use the outer circle to cut 2 large circles from tissue colour 1..
  3. Using the scalloped circle cut 2 more cirlces from tissue colour 2.
  4. Using the now smaller circle, cut out 2 more circles from tissue colour 3.
  5. Using the inner circle cut last 2 circles from tissue colour 4.
Gluing Eyes
Step 3: Gluing Eyes
  1. Glue the largest of the circles onto your template. Only put a dab of glue in the centre as we want the eyes to have a 3 d effect.
  2. Now add the scalloped circles, repeating as for circle 1.
  3. Add the 3rd circle on top and finally the fourth circle
  4. Your owl should now be taking shape.
Shading and Assembling Owl.
Step 4: Shading and Assembling Owl.
  1. We used 2 shades from the Royal Purple Pack, blended together to colour the body of the owl.
  2. Then, using 2 shades from the, Under The Sea Theme Pack we coloured the wings
  3. Using  the darkest of the blues in the, Under The Sea Pack, we coloured the feet.
  4. To colour the beak, we used the purples as for the body to do the top of the beak and then the black FLIPTEZ from the Starter Pack to do the beak itself.
  5. Before gluing into place, we gave all shaded areas a light spray of hair spray. Just a cheap brand as the paper we  used was not of a good quality. The spray takes seconds to dry.
  6. Glue body of owl into place first, then the wings, feet and beak. You may have to trim around the edges of your original template as the outline is so thick, the cutting lines may cause variations when you piece it togather.
  7. A selection of owls can provide a good atmosphere for halloween without the scary dimension
  8. Well done crafters. Another successful task finished!
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