Title of Artwork: Class Exercise 3 Bags
Artist: Janette Thomas
Print version: Yes
Lesson video: No
Age Appropriate: 6+
Materials required:
  1. Advise read through the steps for making the, Large Glittering Gift Bag.
  2. Enough A3 Art Paper for your class.
  3. Sufficient templates for group, from the "Downloads" page
  4. A collection of your favourite stamps
  5. Rulers
  6. Scissors
  7. Glues
  8. Plastic gems/beads s
  9. FLIPTEZ,'Under the Sea' Theme Pack
  10. FLIPTEZ, yellow, purple,white,dark blue and light blue from the EzyShaid Colour, 'Starter Pack'
  11. Ribbons or beads of your choice
  12. 50 cm of thread for beads for each bag. (only if you use beads as in the small and medium bag for the handles.)
  13. Daubers
  14. Versa Marker Pens
  15. Staplers
  16. Large Versa Mark Stamp pads.
  17. Pencils
Download all 3 Templates.S.M.&L
Step 1: Download all 3 Templates.S.M.&L
  1. NOTE: Only small template displayed
  2. Determine how many children want to make small, medium or large bags.(Or determine it yourself!)
  3. Divide children into groups.
  4. 6 Children cut out templates and trace required numbers onto art paper for the whole class.
Preparing A3 Paper
Step 2: Preparing A3 Paper
  1. STAMPING:Instead of one person preparing the paper as in the steps for the large bag, give one group stamps and stamp pads to prepare a page of stamped images or perhaps 2 or 3 pages depending on the number of children in the class.
  2. GRID: Again, issue rulers, applicators and FLIPTEZ (tipped onto a scrap piece of paper) to a second group to make the grids for the group.
  3. LINES: A 3rd group, using rulers and applicators with FLIPTEZ issued as above,draw the lines both in a vertical and horizontal manner. Sufficient for group.
  4. SCRIBBLE PATTERN:The 4th group, issued with Versa Marker pens could cover the page with scribble patterns and then colour.
  5. Continue in this manner until all represented designs are done.
  6. CUTTING OUT: Issue each group with scissors to cut pages into pieces small enough for them to be made into a collage to cover bags.
  7. SHORT LESSON: If the alotted craft time is over stop at this point and continue next lesson.
  8. DISTRIBUTION: Issue each child with a front and back of the bag of their choice, glue and a selection of the cut up pieces to cover their bags.
  9. GLUING:Glue pieces onto front of bag.
  10. COLLECT SCRAPS: once the bags are all covered, collect the scraps.
  11. BAG BACKS:Issue each child with a matching back for her bag.
  12. COLOUR: Distribute the excess FLIPTEZ powders for children to colour the back of their bags.
  13. TO FINISH: Issue children with bead to glue to middle of the front of their bag.
  14. HANDLES: Use only ribbon for the handles as the beading will take too long. To complete, follow the instructions as for the Large bag.
  15. Happy Crafting!
Download all 3 Templates.S.M.&L Jump to the top of the page Preparing A3 Paper

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