Title of Artwork: Glittering Gift Bag Large
Artist: Janette Thomas
Print version: Yes
Lesson video: No
Age Appropriate: 6+
Materials required:
  1. 3x A3 art paper or favourite craft paper
  2. 2 x large,Glittering Gift Bag Templates from the "Downloads" page
  3. A collection of your favourite stamps
  4. Ruler
  5. Scissors
  6. Glue
  7. Plastic gem/bead or jewel
  8. FLIPTEZ,'Under the Sea' Theme Pack
  9. FLIPTEZ, yellow, purple,white,dark blue and light blue from the EzyShaid Colour, 'Starter Pack'
  10. Ribbons or beads of your choice
  11. 50 cm of thread for beads (only if you use beads as in the small and medium bag for the handles.)
  12. Daubers
  13. Versa Marker Pen
  14. Stapler
  15. Large Versa Mark Stamp pad.
  16. Pencil
Materials to use
Step 1: Materials to use
Download  Template Large for Handbag
Step 2: Download Template Large for Handbag
  1. Download handbag template and trace 2 onto art paper or favourite craft paper.
  2. Cut out
Prepare A3 Paper
Step 3: Prepare A3 Paper
  1. Sprinkle a little FLIPTEZ from the,' Under The Sea' Theme Pack and the nominated colours from the,' Starter Pack' onto a scrap piece of paper. Use this sprinkled colour to dip your applicator into when required.
  2. Starting from any corner begin to cover your page with colour and images.
  3. NOTE: Use ZIP brush to remove excess powder and keep in blending pot or on a scrap of paper. This will keep you work clean at all times.
  4. Using the Versa Mark stamp pad, stamp your stamps onto the page and colour in using one or more of the tones selected.Use the dauber to highlight the image and your finger to colour the background.
  5. Use the ruler and a colour of your choice to draw lines with the applicator. Make them just the width of the applicator. We used a number of different colours and drew the lines 8cm long and close together. Draw liines both vertically and horizontally.
  6. Again, using the ruler, the applicator and matching colour, draw a grid using only one colour.
  7. Take the Versa Marker pen to put dots in alternate squares you have made in the grid. Colour using the same colour as you drew the grid.
  8. Use the Versa Marker pen to draw scribble patterns onto a rectangle. Choose your own size rectangle. Colour with one of the nominated colours.
  9. Keep repeating this process until you have covered the page.
  10. See next image to show completly covered page.
Finished Coloured Page
Step 4: Finished Coloured Page
  1. Cut out pieces of this page to collage one of the templates you have traced onto the art paper.
Cutting Out
Step 5: Cutting Out
  1.  Glue pieces you have selected onto cut out template. Try them in a few places before you actually fix in place to make the most of the colour variations.
  2. Neaten the edge of the template if needed.
Colour 2nd Template
Step 6: Colour 2nd Template
  1. Using the remainder of the colours on your scrap piece of paper, sprinkle them on to the 2nd template and colour.
  2. This is the back of the bag.
  3. At this stage our artist sprayed the front and the back of the bag with adhesive glue and sprinkled shimmer over them to create a truly glittering bag. Wait until the adhesive is dry before continuing work.
  4. Cut two pieces of ribbon 36cm long to make the handles.
Finish Bag
Step 7: Finish Bag
  1. Place the bead on the centre of the front of the bag and glue in place.
  2. Glue 3cm of one piece of  ribbon onto the back of the bag at the top. Loop the ribbon over to the other side of the bag and glue 3cm on to that side too.
  3. Add the  second piece of  ribbon over the top of the first and glue it too, thus making the two handles.
  4. Glue the front of the bag to the back.
  5. Add tissue paper at the top and pop an artificial flower or two (or a fresh one) out of the top for a fetching result.
  6. Congratulations! You now have a super gift bag for your favourite person or to decorate a wall. Looks so cute!
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