Title of Artwork: Folded Trees Card
Artist: Brenda Quitana
Print version: Yes
Lesson video: No
Age Appropriate: 8+
Materials required:
  1. One blank card and envelope.
  2. "In The Jungle" FLIPTEZ Theme Pack.
  3. Wasi tape.
  4. Adhesive spray.
  5. Shimmer.
  6. Christmas ribbon for tree trunk.
  7. Star.
  8. Glue stick.
  9. 3x5cm squares.
  10. NOTE:In our  photos of folding, we have used Christmas scarpbooking paper to show the different sides of the paper more clearly.
Colour and Fold Squares
Step 1: Colour and Fold Squares
  1. Colour each square with a different shade of green from the "Jungle Theme Pack". Note we have shown you the folding technique using different paper to make it easier for you to see the steps.
  2. Fold the square into a rectangle.
  3. Open up square.
  4. Now fold the squares in half to form a rectangle in the opposite side.
  5. Open out square.
  6. Fold in half on the diagonal.
  7. Open up to form a square.
  8. Now fold in half on the opposite diagonal to form a triangle.
  9. Open back up to be the square.
  10. The lines you have now created are essential to the finished work.



    Step 2: Fold
    1. Fold each square along the lines already made to make 4 separate triangles for each tree.
    Fold and Shape
    Step 3: Fold and Shape
    1. Insert ruler into the 2nd and 4th triangles to form the tree shape.Crease and glue into place.
    The Folded Tree
    Step 4: The Folded Tree
    1. This is how the trees will look.
    2. Glue flat ready to place on card.
    3. Spray with adhesive and shimmer.
    Glue and Finish Card.
    Step 5: Glue and Finish Card.
    1. Attach Wasi tape to the side of the card. Cut once in place to be sure it is the right size.
    2. Depending on the size of your card, cut sufficient ribbon to form the tree trunk.
    3. Glue into place.
    4. Glue the three trees in place.
    5. We attached a red star to the top of our tree.
    6. Now write a greeting for your favourite friend.
    Colour and Fold Squares Jump to the top of the page Fold Fold and Shape The Folded Tree Jump to the top of the page Glue and Finish Card.

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