Title of Artwork: Stacked Christmas Tree
Artist: Janette Thomas
Print version: Yes
Lesson video: No
Age Appropriate: 4+
Materials required:
  1. Light and dark green FLIPTEZ from the Starter Pack.
  2. Decide how tall you would like your tree to be. Ours is very big to be the centre piece on the Christmas table and is made up of 46 circles starting with 2 at 150mm and decreasing in size by 5cm until 23 pairs were made. They look just as effective in a smaller version with only 20 or so circles on them. The stem of our tree is a large chop-stick, but for a smaller version use a bamboo skewer.
  3. Cut your trees with craft scissors for a decorative edge. We have scalloped ours, but again, a simple circle is also very effective.
  4. Sufficient craft paper to make the size tree you decide upon.
  5. 1x piece of polystyrene foam cover with foil. Edge if so desired.
  6. Shimmer.
  7. Adhesive spray.
  8. Versa mark watermark stamp pad.
  9. Favourite Christmas stamp.
Draw, Cut Out and Colour Circles
Step 1: Draw, Cut Out and Colour Circles
  1. Cut out sufficient circlces to make the desired tree size.
  2. Stamp individually with the stamp of your choice. We coloured one of the same sized circles in light green FLIPTEZ and the other with dark green.
Finish Tree
Step 2: Finish Tree
  1. Take skewer or chop stick and starting with the largest of your circles, push onto skewer or chop stick. Alternate the dark and light green.
  2. Continue until all circles are attached.
  3. Spray with adhesive and shimmer the finished tree.
  4. If using a chop stick, take  a metal skewer and push a hole into the polystyrene base. Insert the tree.
  5. If using a bamboo skewer, just push into place. 
  6. Merry Christmas !
Draw, Cut Out and Colour Circles Jump to the top of the page Finish Tree

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