Title of Artwork: Folded Christmas Tree
Artist: Janette Thomas
Print version: Yes
Lesson video: No
Age Appropriate: 4+
Materials required:
  1. Dark Green FLIPTEZ from Starter Pack.
  2. Versa mark watermark stamp pad.
  3. Favourite Christmas stamp.
  4. Wasi tape for decoration.
  5. 1x Christmas card decoration. (Cut from old card).
  6. Glue stick.
  7. Adhesive spray.
  8. Shimmer.
  9. Ruler.
  10. Pencil.
  11. 1x A3 sheet of craft paper.
Rule and CuPaper
Step 1: Rule and CuPaper
  1. On the A3 sheet of art paper mark out a shape 30cm x15 cm. It is possible to make two tree from one sheet of paper.Cut out rectangle.
Stamp, Colour and Shimmer
Step 2: Stamp, Colour and Shimmer
  1. Take you stamp and pad and stamp all over the rectangle.
  2. Colour with Dark green FLIPTEZ.
  3. Spray with adhesive and shimmer the rectangle. Leave to dry.
Fold and Finish Tree
Step 3: Fold and Finish Tree
  1. Take the ruler and pencil and lightly mark the rectangle 15 cm from the end.
  2. Fold straight down the middle making a square.
  3. Take the top right hand edge of the square and bring to the bottom of the square, thus making a trianglke.
  4. repeat of the other side.
  5. Attach Wasi tape as shown.
  6. Glue down one edge as shown to make the tree free standing.
  7. Attach the decoration.
  8. These look very pretty dotted doen the Christmas table. Try hiding a few sweets underneath them!
  9. They can also be used as a gift wrap by inserting and fixing a tiny present in place with sticky tape. eg a pair of socks.
Rule and CuPaper Jump to the top of the page Stamp, Colour and Shimmer Fold and Finish Tree

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