Title of Artwork: Kimono Doll Poster
Artist: Janette Thomas
Print version: Yes
Lesson video: No
Age Appropriate: 6
Materials required:
  1. FLIPTEZ Starter Pack.
  2. Faber-Castell pencils.
  3. Download templates from EzyShaid Colour Website: Downloads:Kimono Dolls 1-11 and the small Kimono dolls with flower.
  4. Japanese fabric designs from:www.googleimages.com
  5. Scissors.
  6. Glue stick.
  7. A4 sheets of paper.
  8. Large sheet of cardboard for poster backing or large sheet of white paper.(We used white wrapping paper and had it laminated.)
  9. Gems to decorate.
  10. Spary adhesive.
  11. Shimmer.
  12. NOTE: Individual dolls can be made for card decoration. The dolls don't have to be put on a poster. They are also lovely if three individual dolls are framed and used as a unique wall decoration.
Colour and Cut out Hair
Step 1: Colour and Cut out Hair
  1. You willl notice there are three distinct hair styles.
  2. Colour a sheet of A4 paper with black FLIPTEZ and lightly spray with hair spray.(Or use any black paper you may have.)
  3. Cut out only the three different hair styles from the templates. Take care not to damage the rest of the template.
  4. Place these templates on black paper and cut out the required number. Put to one side.
Prepare Sashes
Step 2: Prepare Sashes
  1. Using an A4 sheet of paper colour strips 1cm wide with different colours using FLIPTEZ.
  2. Put to one side.
Cut out Kimonos.
Step 3: Cut out Kimonos.
  1. Cut out the kimonos from templates.
  2. Place these onto the prepared Japanese designs or wallpapers chosen from google images.
  3. Cut out kimonos.
  4. Cut out hair decorations.(We just folded the paper in half and cut freehand to get unusual effects.)
  5. For kimonos which have a plain piece of fabric at the bottom or a plain v insert at the top, use FLIPTEZ to colour a plain piece of paper to make the fabric. Cut out and put together with main pieces.
Assemble Dolls
Step 4: Assemble Dolls
  1. It is easier if you start by placing the hair at the top of your paper and glue.
  2. Take the strip of paper which best matches your kimono and cut out sash.
  3. Glue into place.
  4. If the kimono has the v insert, cut and glue it in place. (We actually cut a little square which easily fitted under the kimono and we didn't have to bother trying to match in a triangle).
  5. Now place the appropriate kimono under the hair and glue in place.
  6.  The area for the face will become obvious
  7. Using red pencil for the lips, black for the eyes and peach for the cheeks, colour face.(You may prefer to make up all the dolls and do the faces and feet as well as the hair decorations last).
  8. Just use black pencil for the sandal.
  9. Glur hair decorations in place.
  10. Repeat this process for all 17 dolls.
Colour Flowers and Assemble Poster
Step 5: Colour Flowers and Assemble Poster
  1. Using Green FLIPTEZ colour 9 flowers.
  2. Spray flowers with adhesive spray and lightly sprinkle with shimmer.
  3. Cut out flowers.
  4. Assemble the dolls and the flowers as shown in the diagram and glue into place.
  5. Now your poster is ready to hang.
Colour and Cut out Hair Jump to the top of the page Prepare Sashes Cut out Kimonos. Assemble Dolls Jump to the top of the page Colour Flowers and Assemble Poster

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