Title of Artwork: Beetle In My Garden
Artist: Janette Thomas
Print version: Yes
Lesson video: No
Age Appropriate: 7+
Materials required:
  1. Download template straight onto art paper.http://www.ezyshaid.com/downloads/shading/Beetle_0001.50998.pdf
  2. Burgundy, Light green and dark green, purple and orange FLIPTEZ.
  3. Matching coloured pencils.
  4. Black cardboard (small piece or colour paper black for legs).
  5. Glue.
  6. Ruler.
  7. Scissors.
  8. Skewer.
  9. Two small circular objects to define circular section on head and thorax. (we used two small cans from the pantry.)
Colour and Cut template
Step 1: Colour and Cut template
  1. Trace around the small can to made the partial circle on the head. Colour this section burgundy and the rest light green.
  2. Make vertical definition lines as shown using matching coloured pencils and ruler.
  3. Use larger can and trace around to make partial circle on the thorax.
  4. Take burgundy pencil and draw tree like shape in the middle as shown in photo.
  5.  Take orange pencil and draw lines up the centre of this area.
  6. Use orange FLIPTEZ to colour middle area, burgundy, the outside edge and then light green to complete the partial cirlce. Colour the remainder of the thorax dark green.
  7. Use corresponding pencils to draw vertical definition lines on the rest of the thorax.
  8. Colour the body with light green FLIPTEZ and draw vertical definition lines using matching pencil and ruler.
  9. Colour the two Wings1 in purpleFLIPTEZ. Draw horizontal lines using purple pencil and ruler.
  10. Colour Wings 2 with burgundy FLIPTEZ and draw definition lines with matching pencil and ruler.
Assemble Beetle.
Step 2: Assemble Beetle.
  1. Glue head onto thorax.
  2. Place glued areas over the body of the beetle, about halfway down, this is to get the right placement area... do not glue yet.
  3. Insert Wings 2 under the thorax, glue onto body.
  4. Now place Wings 1 under the thorax as shown and glue into place.
  5. Now glue thorax with head attached over the body and wings.
  6. Cut out feelers and legs from black cardboard or black coloured paper and glue in place.
  7. To make beetle stand as we have, glue or use sticky tape to place skewer in place.
  8. Made in a variety colours, these beetles are stunning.
Colour and Cut template Jump to the top of the page Assemble Beetle.

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