Title of Artwork: Christmas Tree Decoration
Artist: Sharon Bull
Print version: Yes
Lesson video: No
Age Appropriate: 5+
Materials required:

EzyShaid Starter Pack, EzyShaid Shimmer, Zip Brush/Dauber, Lantern Stamp, Versamark Stamp Pad, Zig Glue Pen, Water Colour Paper, Cardboard, Glue, Scissors, Ribbon, Gems.

Step 1: Inking

Press your lantern stamp onto your versamark stamp pad. Both are available online. http://www.ezyshaid.com/store/index.php

Step 2: Stamping

Stamp the lantern stamp onto your watercolour paper. You will need 5 stamped images to create the leaves and 10 stamped images to create the red petals.


Sprinkle shades of green FLIPTEZ over your stamped images in a diagonal pattern. We used the light and dark green from the starter pack. The greens in the Jungle Theme Pack would also work well.

Step 4: Dauber

Use your dauber to press the FLIPTEZ into the stamped image. The dauber gives a crisp and well defined coloured image.

ZIP Brush
Step 5: ZIP Brush

Use the EzyShaid ZIP brush to colour your stamped images if you don't have a dauber or are pressed for time. The result won't be as crisp as using a dauber, but still looks good.

ZIG Glue Pen
Step 6: ZIG Glue Pen

Use you ZIG glue pen to trace around the tip of you stamped image.  If time is limited use spray adhesive, spray the whole page and then sprinkle with Ezyshaid Shimmer to add some Christmas Sparkle. The ZIG Glue Pen, spray adhesive and shimmer are available online. http://www.ezyshaid.com/store/index.php

Step 7: Shimmer

Sprinkle your EzyShaid Shimmer onto the glue you have just applied with the glue pen.

Zip Brush
Step 8: Zip Brush

Use your ZIP brush to spread the shimmer over the stamped images. Cut out all the stamped images. We cut off the loop on the top of the bauble to make it easier.

Flower Centre
Step 9: Flower Centre

We used an empty cereal packet and the base of a mug to create the centre of our flower. You require 3 discs about 5cm in diameter.

Flower #1
Step 10: Flower #1

Take 5 green stamped images and glue them to the edge of your disc.

Flower #2
Step 11: Flower #2

Take 5 red stamped images and glue them down in between and inside the green stamped images.

Flower #3
Step 12: Flower #3

Take another 5 red stamped images and glue them down in between and inside the previous 5 red stamped images.

Step 13: Gem

Glue a coloured gem into the centre of your flower. Repeat the flower making steps twice more as you require 3 flowers altogether.

Step 14: Ribbon

Loop a piece of ribbon about 20cm long and glue it to the back of your flower.  Adorn your tree with these beautiful decortions or use them on your Christmas gift wrapping. Experiment with different colours to create decorations that tie in with your christmas colour theme.

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