Title of Artwork: Standing Bird
Artist: Janette Thomas
Print version: Yes
Lesson video: No
Age Appropriate: 6+
Materials required:
  1. Download template from Downloads:http://www.ezyshaid.com/downloads/shading/Seahorse_0001.78560.pdf
  2. 1x sheet of A4 art paper or craft paper.
  3. Orange, Brown, Turquoise (Made from equal parts of blue and green FLIPTEZ in a Blending Pot), Sour green from 'Jungle' Theme Pack (or make from light green and a touch of orange FLIPTEZ in a Blending Pot), Dark Blue and chocoalte brown (made from brown and a pinch of black FLIPTEZ in a Blending Pot).
  4. Two small eyes.
  5. Matching coloured pencils.
  6. A ruler.
  7. Skewer if desired.
  8. Scissors.
  9. Glue stick.
Colour and Cut Out.
Step 1: Colour and Cut Out.
  1. Colour pieces 1 and 7 with Orange FLIPTEZ. Rule lines with orange pencil and ruler as shown.
  2. Colour piece 6 dark blue up to the feathers.
  3. Colour the feathers on piece 6 brown. Using appropriate pencils draw definition lines with a ruler.
  4. Colour piece 5 brown and rule with pencils as before.
  5. Colour Piece 4 with sour green and rule lines.
  6. Colour Piece 3 with turquoise and rule lines.
  7. Colour piece 2 chocolate brown and rule lines.
  8. Colour piece 8 brown (If desired. We used a skewer instead.)
Assemble Bird
Step 2: Assemble Bird
  1. Glue piece 7 just under piece 1 as shown in completed bird.
  2. Add cone and feathers. Glue behind piece 7.
  3. Glue piece 5 as shown.
  4. Attach piece 4, then 3 and lastly 2.
  5. Glue eyes in place and add skewer onto the back to make bird stand as shown.
  6. We made two birds and glued them back to back so it could be viewed from all directions.
  7. If a class does this the, Standing Birds make a beautiful display.
Colour and Cut Out. Jump to the top of the page Assemble Bird

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