Title of Artwork: Colour Wheel.
Artist: Janette Thomas
Print version: Yes
Lesson video: No
Age Appropriate: 5+
Materials required:
  1. 4 Sheets of A4 art/craft paper.
  2. Colour wheel template from:http://www.ezyshaid.com/downloads.php
  3. Versamark water colour stamp pad.
  4. Stamps of your choice.
  5. Scissors.
  6. Garden cane for handle or piece of dowell.
  7. Glue stick.
  8. Sticky tape.
  9. FLIPTEZ Starter Pack and Theme Packs if you have them.
Stamp and Colour Pages
Step 1: Stamp and Colour Pages
  1. Stamp the 1st page all over with the stamp of your choice. (It really doesn't matter what the stamp is as we only want to give texture to the paper.)
  2. Colour1/4 with dark purple from Starter Pack, 1/4 with purple from, Royal Purple Theme Pack (if you don't have this, then use a combination of purple, pink and white to make a different shade of purple.) Colour another1/4 with light purple from the, Royal Purple Theme Pack.( If you don't have this, use white mixed with purple to make the colour lighter.)
  3. Place long ribbon like template over each of the three colours and cut out. Put to one side but keep remaining 1/4 of the page.
  4. Stamp all over the 2nd page and colour 1/4 with dark blue. 1/4 with light blue. 1/4 with dark green, 1/4 with light green.
  5. Place template over each of the colours, cut out and put the 4 pieces with the 1st group keeping them in order.
  6. Take 3rd page and stamp all over.
  7. Colour 1st 1/4 with a mixture of green and yellow, next 1/4 with yellow, 3rd with yellow and orange. Colour the last 1/4 with orange.
  8. Place template over each band of colour and cut out. Place them with the others.
  9. Take the last piece of paper and stamp all over.
  10. Colour 1st 1/4 with a mixture of orange and brown, next 1/4 red, and the 3rd 1/4 with burgundy.
  11. Place template over each coloured section and cut out.
  12. Now colour one of the left over 1/4's in black. Wipe or wash hands.
  13. Place circle template over black area and cut out. (We actually cut out 2 to strengthen the work).
  14. Fan out cut long templates face down making sure they are in the right order. (We fanned them around the cane to give us a starting and finishing point.
  15. Run glue stick over the back of the fanned templates and affix one of the black circles.( We put glue on the circle too.)
  16. Turn over to right side and glue 2nd black circle in place.
  17. Turn to the back again and strengthen with sticky tape. Affix cane with sticky tape and your colour wheel is ready to dazzle.
  18. Teachers or Therapists' Note. It may be easier for students or clients to colour in a whole page in one colour and then cut out enough templates for the group.
  19. In any case, there will be enough coloured paper to make a 2nd colour wheel to give to a friend or use in another project. You will have textured paper at the ready.
  20. Hint: Spray lightly with hairspray to keep clean.
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