Title of Artwork: Star Wreath
Artist: Janette Thomas
Print version: Yes
Lesson video: No
Age Appropriate: 6+
Materials required:
  1. FLIPTEZ Starter Pack.
  2. Circle the diameter of a paper plate or just the cut out rim of a paper plate.
  3. Glue stick.
  4.  Ribbon (few centimetres).
  5. Scissors.
  6. Spray adhesive.
  7. Shimmer.
  8. Zip Brush.
  9. Versa Mark stamp pad (watermark).
  10. Star stamp (Or any background stamp.)
  11. 4 Sheets of A4 art paper or pattened craft paper. (If using the latter, you don't need FLIPTEZ, stamp pad or stamp.)
  12. Ruler.
  13. Scoring tool or Pencil.
Colour Paper
Step 1: Colour Paper
    1. Take the 4 sheets of A4 paper and stamp all over each page. When you have finished stamping a page cover with any blended combinations of cool colours ie dark blue, light blue, dark green, light green, yellow and white.
    2. Do this for all 4 sheets if you are not using pattened paper.
    3. Place the star template  ie Template for Stars Wreath: http://www.ezyshaid.com/downloads.php  onto the paper and cut out 3 stars from each of the 4 sheets of paper.

Score Stars
Step 2: Score Stars
  1. To achieve the 3D effect, take a ruler and scoring tool or pencil and on the back of the coloured paper, score or draw from each point to the correspong indent.
  2. Do this for all stars.
Fold Star
Step 3: Fold Star
  1. Fold the star on the scored lines as shown.
Pasting Stars
Step 4: Pasting Stars
  1. Place each star where you want it to be on the wreath. Suggest you alternate the colours for the best effect.
  2. Glue in place
Finish Wreath
Step 5: Finish Wreath
  1. To give your wreath a professional look, sopray with adhesive glue and lightly sprinkle shimmer.
Add Ribbon
Step 6: Add Ribbon
  1. Glue a few centimetres of ribbon onto the back of the wreath to hang.
  2. If you wish to give as gift, suggest you write, "You're a Star Mum!"
Colour Paper Jump to the top of the page Score Stars Fold Star Pasting Stars Jump to the top of the page Finish Wreath Add Ribbon

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