Title of Artwork: Dot Art
Artist: Sharon Bull
Print version: Yes [ Click to download lesson in PDF format ]
Lesson video: No
Age Appropriate: 4+
Materials required:

FLIPTEZ® Starter Pack
FLIPTEZ® Jungle Theme Pack
EzyShaid® atomiser
EzyShaid® blending pots
Ezyshaid® daubers
Watercolour paper
Cotton tips
Black marker
Optional: Pentel liquid paper

Step 1: Tip

Tip a teaspoon of  FLIPTEZ® into your blending pots. We selected orange, brown, burgundy and black from the FLIPTEZ® Starter pack and green # 10153 from the Jungle Theme Pack.

Step 2: Spray

Spray the FLIPTEZ® powder with water using the EzyShaid® atomiser- about 20 sprays.

Step 3: Mix

Use a cotton tip to mix the FLIPTEZ® into paint. Use one cotton tip per colour.

Step 4: Dauber

Dip an EzyShaid® dauber into your FLIPTEZ® paint. We started with brown.
Hint: do a few practice dots on a spare piece of paper to make sure your paint the right consistency and that you have the right amount of paint on you dauber.

 Brown Dots
Step 5: Brown Dots

Dot the brown FLIPTEZ® paint onto your watercolour paper. We used a circular pattern of different sizes.

Step 6: Pattern

This is the completed circular brown dot pattern.

Orange Dots
Step 7: Orange Dots

Repeat step 5 using your orange FLIPTEZ® paint.

Wine Dots
Step 8: Wine Dots

Repeat step 5 using the burgundy FLIPTEZ® paint.

Green Dots
Step 9: Green Dots

Use the green FLIPTEZ® paint to dot the blank paper between your circular patterns.

Step 10: Detail

When your paint is dry add detail to your piece by dipping a cotton tip into black FLIPTEZ® paint.

Black Dots
Step 11: Black Dots

Use the cotton tip as a smaller dauber and stamp black dots into the orange ones.

White Highlight
Step 12: White Highlight

Highlight your burgundy dots by outlining them with liquid paper. The liquid paper stays slightly raised, which looks great. We  also added a few white liquid paper dots to the centre of some of the black dots created in step 10.

Highlight Black
Step 13: Highlight Black

One circular pattern of brown dots (top left hand corner of the finished picture) was outlined using a black marker.

Step 14: Fantastic!

Your piece is finished. It will look great on any wall. We have also used this art work to create the shell for a turtle!

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