Title of Artwork: Easter Octopus
Artist: Sharon Bull
Print version: Yes [ Click to download lesson in PDF format ]
Lesson video: No
Age Appropriate: 8+
Materials required:

The EzyShaid Easter octopus is very cute, fun and ezy to make. The trickiest part is cutting him out. An adult may need to assist with younger children. Its a wonderful activity for the Easter holidays, especially in this wet Autumnal weather.

Step 1: Materials

EzyShaid Starter Kit or Royal Purple and Under the Sea Theme Packs, 4 small solid Easter eggs, double-sided tape, scissors, pencil, 300g watercolour paper

Download and trace
Step 2: Download and trace

Download the octopus template from the website. You will find him on the "Downloads" page. Cut him out and then trace him twice onto your watercolour paper. We used 300g watercolour paper to cope with the weight of the Easter eggs. Alternatively purchase the Easter Octopus kit from EzyShaid online store.


We chose to colour the whole page and then cut the octopus out. Tip small amounts of FLIPTEZ in a diagonal pattern onto your octopus. We used blues and purples from the 'Under the Sea" and 'Royal Purple' Theme packs. The purple, blues and greens from the Starter Pack would also look great.


Use your fingers to rub or ZIP the FLIPTEZ into your page.

Step 5: Turn

Turn your page over and colour in the same way as step 3 and 4.

Step 6: Repeat

Repeat steps 2 to 5. You need two octopi for this project.

Step 7: Cut

Cut out both of your octopi. If you are using water colour paper you will notice that the front and the back of the paper are textured differently, this adds interest to your piece and will result in a different colouring effect.

Double-sided tape
Step 8: Double-sided tape

As mentioned previously the watercolour paper is textured differently on the front and the back. Chose which side you wish to be outward facing. It looks best if you glue the same sides together. Run double-sided tape down the centre of your octopus, peel the backing off.

Step 9: Join

Place your second octopus over the octopus that has been applied with double- sided tape. Press the octopi together firmly.

Step 10: Open

Gently fold the octopi back on either side of the double-sided tape. This separates his legs and allows him to stand up.

Optional suction cups.
Step 11: Optional suction cups.

If you wish you can add suction cups to the legs of your octopus. He looks good either way. TIP some purple FLIPTEZ into a blending pot and then dip your applicator or fingers into the FLIPTEZ. Apply the FLIPTEZ in a circular pattern to the legs of your octopus.

Step 12: Optional

If you wish leave your suction cups dry or brush over them with a clean wet paint brush. This will turn the dry FLIPTEZ into paint and give the suction cups a watery look. Just perfect for an octopus!

Step 13: Eyes

Chose 2 Easter eggs wrapped in plain coloured foil. Apply double-sided tape to each egg. Peel the backing off.

Step 14: Stick

Stick your Easter eggs onto your octopus. You can add eyes to both sides of the octopus if you wish. This actually helps him to stand balanced and means more chocolate. YUM!

Octopus with suction cups
Step 15: Octopus with suction cups

Well done he looks great.

Plain Octopus
Step 16: Plain Octopus

He looks fabulous too! Happy Easter.

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