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Top Teacher Chooses New Colouring Product

Cambodian Success Story
Kaye North has outstanding credentials as you can see:
Kaye North
Year 7 Teacher
Sunbury State School
2013 eLearning Award Winner
QLD Finalist For Australian Teacher Of The Year 2012
Digital Pedagogy Licence Accreditated Facilitator
Kaye went to Cambodia to train teachers and introduced them to FLIPTEZ®. This proved a real bonus as the school possessed 3 pots of paint and a few sets of pencils for the students to use for art. Kaye informs us that art has taken off in a big way and even the teachers love using FLIPTEZ®. Kaye has since returned to Australia where she has purchased FLIPTEZ® by EzyShaid® Colour for her school. What are you missing out on in 2014?

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Inspiring Craft Ideas and instructions


Cambodian Teachers Using FLIPTEZ

Cambodian Teachers Using FLIPTEZ

What are FLIPTEZ® ? They are s set of 13 colours stored in specially engineered tubes to permit a minimum pour and minimal spill. These tubes have been place in a sturdy carry box and come with matching applicators.

pPen FLIPTEZ Pack Being Used BY Teacher

Open FLIPTEZ Pack Being Used BY Teacher

Applcator Being Used To Spread Colour

Applcator Being Used To Spread Colour

To see video on, ‘How To Use’. There are also videos of crafts on, ‘Facebook’ showing in detail how to construct crafts. A cinch for all ages.

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resized cactus
FLIPTEZ® can be applied by hand, 140 tones are achievable and one Starter Pack covers 1400 A4 pages as proved when FLIPTEZ® came 3rd in the Internationally Competition held in Dubai in 2014. FLIPTEZ® have passed the Australian, American, EN71 and LHAMA safety standards and are of course non-toxic and was out of clothes.

FLIPTEZ Starter Pack with unique shading powders and applicators.

FLIPTEZ Starter Pack with unique shading powders and applicators.

Kaye is by no means the only teacher to endorse FLIPTEZ®
“I bought FLIPTEZ at the Home Lifestyle Expo in Adelaide and called my fellow teachers for coffee to show them as I did not have the authority to buy in bulk.
Could I please come to your motel to buy in bulk from you as this is one product we all want for our classrooms.” Adelaide teacher.

Three Sisters

Three Sisters By Natasha. Medium: FLIPTEZ

“FLIPTEZ® are going marvelously! We will actually be due for some new ones soon. They are so popular with our students, and have made a great difference to projects as well as things like Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and Christmas. They are used almost daily (I guard them with my life) . They have been a great addition to our classroom resources. They have lasted for approximately 12 months to date, and are being shared between 4 classrooms this year!” Fairlie Pritchard.

Card Collection Shaded with FLIPTEZ

Card Collection Shaded with FLIPTEZ

Parents too have their say.
FLIPTEZ is a winner in our house, goes, here, there and everywhere….kids bare kept entertained for hours. I recently bought a pack with the great new colouring book, spray and mixing pots for our friend’s daughter’s 7th birthday. It was out on the table and it was colour crazy before we left with great masterpieces along the way! Well done for a great product we can all enjoy!!
Renee Leighton

FLIPTEZ used to colour in Dragon

Dragon Fire coloured with FLIPTEZ

“Thanks Jan, yes we did get our FLIPTEZ®, thank you we got them on Thursday. We are making Christmas cards with it at the moment. WOW! They work so well. We are thinking about getting some Accessories for them. I just can’t believe how good they are. And as soon as I got home from school I opened the parcel printed out some downloads and started using the FLIPTEZ® THEY ARE AWESOME!!”

Butterfly Download

Butterfly Download

Holiday Clubs Endorse FLIPTEZ®
Holiday club kids went wild over FLIPTEZ® and just look at their fabulous results. “St Luke’s Miranda” Submitted by Sharon bull who informs us FLIPTEZ® come out at many craft times now.

Treasure Map By St Luke's Miranda

Treasure Map By St Luke’s Miranda

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