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Fail Free Art

“Fail free art,” is a direct quote from a diversional therapist at the conference last weekend. This quote was in relation to using FLIPTEZ, the unique shading powders invented by EzyShaid Colour which are purpose designed to be used by able and disabled people. By simply flipping the lid, tipping the colour and zipping colour over the page, beautiful effects are achievable by hand or by using the matching applicator. The 13 colours blend to make in excess of 140 different tones. Wow, what a bonus that is for both the user and the therapist. See the delicate shades in

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Get with Creativity or be Left Behind.

With the Easter Vacation approaching, all of the wise parents and vacation clubs are getting clued up on activities to entertain and stimulate their children as well as providing great crafts to give as gifts to loved ones or shut-ins. The following crafts have all been coloured with FLIPTEZ by EzyShaid Colour: and coloured pencils. It is so important for children, indeed people of all ages to use the creative side of the brain to stimulate cognitive learning. We are all hopefully, learning until life’s journey ends. I adore the fact that my 97 year old father finds new things

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A Question of Art and the Human Brain

Some people would admit that they buy art simply because enjoy it. Well believe it or not, it has now been proven. Consistent with research conducted recently taking a look at brain activity utilizing a MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) scanner, people have the same amount of gratification from thinking about an item of art as they do from taking a look at someone they love.

Special Crafts For Special People.

EzyShaid® Colour is delighted to grant your requests for more craft ideas. We heard from so many of you and are thrilled that our craft pages are ticking the boxes for you. Anne Parsons from the Napier St. Aged Care Service, Sth Melbourne is delighted with the ideas and Downloads she is able to access from our website. Our very simple line drawing using the applicator, FLIPTEZ® of your choice and a ruler led to many beautiful cards and images being made by the very young to the elderly in Aged Care Facilities. Holiday Clubs put in a request for,

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Get Crafty! Save Those Dollars.

Don’t be caught short this holiday with nothing for the children to do. Like you, I hope the weather is beautiful and they can be outside playing, but in springtime, one never knows. We have prepared a simple Mosaic  with instructions and a tiny European Village Click on European Village for instructions. Download the templates here.   which could be the beginning of your Christmas decorations if you add snow to the roofs and some trees. Remember one Starter Pack of FLIPTEZ® by EzyShaid ® Colour, covers 1400 A4 sheets of paper with colour and 140 + tones are achievable.

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