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Aussie Bloke says, “You’ve Gotta Laugh Mate.” The Drought of 2014

So, what’s so funny? All around the ground is dry, the place where grass usually flourishes is a dust bowl, sheep are dying, the river which has seen floods, is now but a sad little trickle and yet this Aussie bloke says, “You’ve Gotta Laugh Mate?”
His little daughter had just handed him a picture she had drawn titled, “Our Place”.
The garden was verdant with splashes of brilliant colour where her child’s eye has imagined roses and the like, perfuming the yard, the sheep were fat and contentedly grazing on luscious pasture land. Trees can be seen in the distance.

Farm resized
Outside the home stand the smiling family supposedly waving goodbye to visitors after a wonderful day. There is a hint of flying dust as a vehicle sweeps away.
The truth was, the family had buried stock, sent cattle off at the cheapest price going and her parents were wringing their hands in anxiety and anguish as to how to pay the bills and simply survive. Finding enough food for them-selves was an uphill battle and they hoped for government assistance or they would have to walk off the property.
When Angie was questioned about her artwork, she smiled innocently and said,
“This is the Real Us. What’s happening right now doesn’t always happen. This picture shows where we really live and how happy we really are. You tell us to think how lucky we are Dad and that’s what I do.”
“Man, how your words come back to haunt you” remarked the farmer to his mate, “ and yet our girl has given us the strength to fight even harder to keep this place. She deserves a great future on the land. I’ve hung that picture just inside the back door so when- ever we walk inside we can see the, Real Us. Didn’t know what I was letting myself in for when I bought those FLIPTEZ at the Royal Easter Show. She’s done nothing but draw and colour ever since. Although, maybe she’s  done a lot more than that.”
Indeed she had. She had given a new lease of life to her whole family!! See for yourself. It’s no masterpiece, but its worth can’t be measured. Ask your children about their artwork. You may be surprised at how they perceive life in your home. Even the misery this family is going through hasn’t robbed Angie of  the idea of being happy and very lucky.

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